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Ultrasonic Cleaning Generators  Ultrasonic generator in chennai

Ultrasonic Cleaning Process

The cleaning effect of ultrasound is based on the physical principle of cavitation : the ultrasonic generator emits electrical signals at a certain frequency, which are then transferred to the liquid as waves of ultrasound via a rod-style or plate transducer.

As a result of the high intensity, microscopic bubbles form in the under pressure phases, which then implode in the subsequent overpressure phase, releasing local shock waves with considerable energy densities. This also triggers micro flows in the liquid, which clean away films and particulate matter from the components to be cleaned

Ultrasonic Generators

The ultrasonic generators with digital frequency generation and control, an extremely high consistency of frequency, amplitude and output, and the interval function.

All generators are equipped with protective functions for a high degree of operational and process safety.

From 25Khz to 1 MHz frequency range we offer the perfect ultrasonic generator for every cleaning application

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