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Ultrasonic Horn

The Ultrasonic Horn is a solid metal rod with a round transverse cross-section. Ultrasonic Horn with Frequency 15Khz, 20Khz, 30Khz, 35Khz and 40Khz (other frequencies on demand) made of special high-strength materials like aluminum-, titanium-alloys, steel etc.

    Features of Ultrasonic Horn:

  • Custom Automation
  • Assembly Work Cell with sound enclosure
  • Turn Table fixtures
  • Rotary table fixturing with manual / auto loading and unloading
  • XY Servo driven ultrasonic head
  • XY servo driven table for fixture
  • Multi head ultrasonic welding SPMs
  • Robotic guided welding Cells
  • High quality tooling built in-house with stringent quality control.
  • All tools are analyzed for center of mass and drag to ensure optimum running efficiency.
  • Micrometer adjustment of X-Y position on lower tool.
  • Tooling ball for X-Y coordinate system reference point.
  • Air bearing system for ease of tool movement during adjustment.
  • Roller bearing system for ease of tool changes.
  • Mechanical cam lock slides.
  • Quick change plate.
  • Vaccum / sliders as per part requirements

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